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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  October 7, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. lowing breaking news out of san francisco tonight. c-h-p are investigating the kidnapping of a 2- year- ber alert good evening. >> we're tomming breaking news
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out of san francisco -- following breaking news out of san francisco tonight. they're investigating the kidnap of a 2-year-old girl that led to an amber alert earlier tonight. >> here's what we know right now. >> the highway patrol canceled the amber alert about an hour ago after the 2-year-old girl was found safe. so far we know officers say the little girl was kidnapped just after 3:00 this afternoon in san francisco. the highway patrol issued an amber alert for the girl around 8:30 tonight. police were looking for these two men. 21-year-old javon fort, possibly the girl's father, along with another man. officers arrested the two men, and the 2-year-old girl is now safe. officers say a third suspect, a woman, might have also been involved in the kidnapping. so far her name hasn't been released. our other big story tonight, hurricane nate is on the move, pounding the gulf
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coast as a category1 hurricane with rain and winds up to 85 miles per hour. there's a live look at mobile, alabama tonight. the category 1 storm made land fall earlier tonight, and the gusts are still in excess of hurricane force strength. the latest on the tracking of this shows that it roared ashore about hours ago at the mouth of the mississippi river and then made land fall again in alabama. it's moving quickly, moving north about 20 miles per hour, and it will be downgraded tomorrow to a tropical storm, and then become low pressure over new england. we'll have more on all of this in a few minutes in weather. well, hurricane nate is making its way towards gulfport, mississippi, and cbs news is there for us with the latest. >> reporter: hurricane nate's
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heavy rain bands pounded alabama saturday night. the storm made land fall as a category 1 hurricane with 85 miles per hour winds in the mouth of mississippi river. >> this was a night time storm, night time storms kill people. >> reporter: mississippi's governor bryant warned of an 11 to 13-foot storm surge in some areas. >> it's a big storm, and it's moving in a hurry. >> reporter: the water is rising, and streets are flooding in bay st. louis. all eyes right now are on the water here in gulfport. nate's potentially deadly storm surge could do the most damage. >> that's what concerns me. >> reporter: hundredsover people weren't take -- hundreds of people weren't taking any chances, filling up sandbags before the storm's arrival. >> we want to be prepared. >> reporter: as nate churned in the gulf, a water spout was spotted in orange beach, alabama. >> with hurricane nate we see strong storm surges and heavy
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rains, and there's a high probability of tornadoes and wind damage. >> reporter: nate is the fourth major storm to hit the united states in less than two months. >> president trump has approved an emergency declaration for a large area of louisiana. plows into back here in the bay area, a charity bike race became a crime scene when a truck plowed into four cyclists, and a man hunt is now underway for the driver. andrea borba has the latest. >> reporter: hours after the initialful crash, chp investigators were still combing the rural roadside for evidence. at noon 1300 riders took part in a charity bike ride. this truck, a late model dodge ram plowed into four cyclists. >> this motorist ran into the cyclists and then fled the scene of the crime. >> reporter: a tangle of bent rims, broken spokes, and twisted frames, matching the mangled bodies loaded into
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ambulances. the hit and run happened along petaluma road. the injuries to one cyclist were so severe that he was life flighted to a hospital in santa rosa. >> it was at least grossly irresponsible and maybe worse, and then leaving the scene of the crime, there's no excuse for it. >> reporter: these images of the suspect vehicle were captured by the helmet cam of passing motorcycle and handed over to the california highway patrol. riders fear this might not have been an accident, but a deliberate act. >> this motorist may very well have known what he was doing. >> reporter: andrea borba, kpix 5. a south bay music teacher is behind bars tonight accused of having a sexual relationship with a teenage student. police arrested samuel knight at dartmouth middle school where he's taught music for almost a decade, and where he
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began a relationship three years ago with a 13-year-old student. now parents are trying to make sense of the allegations. >> my kids are devastated. um, my kids, he was a hero. >> they speak so highly of them, but what if the allegations are true? you know, you can't trust people. police say he threatened his victim... >> he's also an assistant band director at brenham high school. he threatened the victim by saying he'd post nude photos of the teen. in san jose a woman stabbed to death, and police say it was done by a person she used to date. it happened on story road. police found a man and woman both suffering from at least one stab wound. the woman died at the scene. the man was taken to the hospital and then booked for murder. their names haven't yet been released. a new piece of evidence has
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remerged from the mass -- remerged from the mass shooting in -- emerged from the mass shooting in las vegas. relearned a handwritten note with numbers was in the hotel room with stephen paddock. the numbers were actually handwritten calculations relating to the distance and trajectory from his 32nd floor window to the crowd at a concert below. 58 people were killed last sunday and nearly 500 injured. today people in las vegas took part in a faith unity walk. it was a step toward healing. walkers set out from four locations and walked seven miles to city hall. "these were everyday americans. but every day, from this day member their s they chanted, sang songs, and held up homemade signs. then vice president pence spoke at a ceremony. doves were rele >> these were every day americans. but every day from this day forward we will remember their selflessness and courage whenever we remember that dark hour. >>short time later in a
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plaza outside city hall, 58 doves were released into the air. less than a week after the las vegas attack, many gathered for an annual gun show in san diego, but this year's event saw its attendance noticeably dropped. >> reporter: they didn't know what to expect with the gun show coming just six days after the gun show in las vegas, but they were surprised that attendance was down by some 50 percent. they believe folks stayed home out of respect for numbness over the sniper style mass murder spree. >> evil people can do evil, evil things to other people that they shouldn't be doing with all sorts of tools. sometimes people do it with a firearm, sometimes people do it with an automobile. when one person out of 350 million does something like this, obviously it's tragic. but, you know, it doesn't effect the overall equation. >> reporter: -- hundreds
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of vendors, those that did come found pretty much whatever they needed, including the ar-15, but not the accessories like the bump stock that made it more lethal last week. >> he was still pulling the trigger when it went off, but i don't believe they should exist. >> if i were a pilot who owned his own plane as this man did, i could fill that plan with flammables and dive it into that crowd causing horrendous devastation. so the fixation on guns i think is really misplaced. >> reporter: so this fall of attendance by about 50 percent left a lot of vendors with empty tables. president trump is expressing skepticism again on whether negotiating with north
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korea will ever be effective. he said administrations have been talking to north korea more 25 years. it hasn't worked, agreements violated before the ink was dry making fools of u.s. negotiators. sorry, but only one thing will work. still hasn't clarified his cryptic comments to reporter thursday. at the time he was heading into a dinner with military leaders and their houses. connected to an october 15th deadline >> it's the -- spouses. >> it's the calm before the storm. >> reporter: what storm mr. president? >> you'll find out. >> it's possibly it's connected to an october 15th deadline for the u.s. to see if if i if iran is complying with their nuclear agreement. and tense moments in london
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after a car plows into a crowd of pedestrians. and fleet week roaring into san francisco. the high flying stunts, that's next.
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custody. several people were injured when a car plowed into a crowd in london, and tonight the driver is in custody. pedestrians grabbed the driver and pinned him down on the street as they waited for police to arrive. n kiosk on it happened near london's natural mystery museum. witnesses say the man drove his caan information kiosk on the side of the street. 11 people were treated for injuries in what police later called a traffic accident. >> he turned and came straight
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into me. three or four guys dragged him out of the car, and blood come out of his head, and then the police came. he bay area tonight: oakla >> police believe the driver may have passed out behind the wheel. back in the bay area tonight oakland police are on the hunt for the shooter who opened fire on a family. cph said the victims were headed westbound on highway 24 yesterday when a gray sedan pulled up alongside their suv near 51st street, and someone inside fired a shot. the suv was hit, but nobody was hurt, and chp says if you saw anything to please give them a call. construction cranes are a common site around the area, but there's one place they rarely roost until now. da lin takes us to a ground breaking ceremony in the east bay. >> reporter: in most parts of bay area, breaking ground for a large housing project is nothing new. just another sign of the red hot real estate market. but not in east oakland. this is rare.
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>> it's like the last frontier. it hasn't been discovered all together yet. >> reporter: this is only the third major housing development in deep east oakland in recent years. here are the other two. city leaders say this is a low income complex built by the housing authority, and also affordable housing being built by a church. so the fact that private developers put money into this latest project is literally ground breaking. >> many groups are being left out of this moment of prosperity for oakland. >> reporter: areas from high street to 98th avenue haven't seen the kind of growth other community have seen since the economy rebounded. >> people still have in their minds that deep east oakland is this violent and unsafe place to live. >> reporter: and that perception continues to scare developers away, even though violent crimes are down. >> it's all about money bottom line. no one is really interested in
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doing affordable housing because they can't make the kind of money they could make with market rate housing. >> reporter: city leaders say it took 17 years to convince developers to build this latest project. what sold the developers is that it's next to the coliseum bart station. 110 units. half affordable, half market rate. they should be ready to move in many next december. in east oakland, da lin, kpix 5. from the hard to fathom file in real estate, one seller in the south bay just secured one sweet deal. take a look. this is a thousand square foot cottage in mountainview. it sold for $1.1 million. nt owner.. who gets to stay in the house -- but the buyer wasn't even allowed to look inside. years. and the buyer had to promise to pay to fix it up for the current owner and the current owner gets to stay in the house
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rent-free for the next seven years. that's all we know. the small home was initially listed for $1.6 million, but the price was dropped to makeup for the long list of demands. well, it was all eyes on the skies today in san francisco as the fleet week air show roared overhead. almost 1 million people are expected to pack the bay area for the weekend events. and the fun didn't stop with the air show. >> reporter: the blue angels wrapped up around 4:00 this afternoon, and businesses along the water front and here in north beach say this is one of the busiest weekends of year. >> we're trying to get dinner, erpot? >> reporter: from sailors looking for a quick bite to locals looking to keep the party rolling. >> that's why i come out here. high level energy. >> reporter: re restaurants and bars near the fleet week activities are filled with a mix of locals, tourists, and sailors. >> tonight and tomorrow we'll be packed completely. >> reporter: along the water front, sidewalks are packed and
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business is booming. >> it's been popping since 10:00 a.m., so it's been a great persons. a lot of people from the bay and -- experience. a lot of people from the bay and out of state as well. >> reporter: the highlight for most people today? the navy's blue angels. they put on a show over the bay and golden gate bridge. >> we all get excited to see the angels fly through, even as officers. >> reporter: san francisco police kept a watchful eye over the clouds with extra protection from the u.s. coast guard, all in an effort to make sure everyone is safe while having fun. >> there are a lot of people on bart and on the metro. >> reporter: fleet week festivities wrap up tomorrow afternoon. the blue angels' performance will cap it all off, scheduled to start at 3:00. >> and we want to see your fleet week photos. tag kpix on instagram,
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facebook, snap chat and twitter to share your selfie with a sailor. >> have you done that yet? >> no, have you? >> the night is young. [ laughter ] we have clear skies in the bay area, but the hurricane is still unwinding over the. gulf coast region. the good news is that it's moving fast. nate, category 1 hurricane, now moving up around the border there of mississippi and alabama. it's got 85-mile an hour winds, gusts to 105 miles per hour, and then it just tears up into new england. by tomorrow night at this time it will be downgraded to a tropical storm, and then a tropical depression, and then low pressure over new england. it will carry as much as six inches of rain near the center of the storm. and looking back on the bay area, concord got up to 88 degrees. little cooler. livermore warming to 90.
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san jose 84, and very pleasant in san francisco. even now at 57. oakland 58, and santa rosa 57 degrees. red flag warnings up for tomorrow anticipating the winds picking up out of the north, northeast. the gusts up to 40 miles per hour. the humidity dropping to 10 to 20 percent elevating the fire danger through tuesday night. beach hazards, problem out there at the shoreline with long period swells hitting the california coastline, and will through tomorrow night, so rip currents, sneaker waves and big breakers will be ever present. highs today it says but it means highs tomorrow. 80s in the bay area, coastline the 60s, and high atop the west coast warm through next week. just a very genter cooling trend, but you won't notice much from day-to-day. futurecast showing sunny skies tomorrow and a pleasant day. let's sum it up. the surf is out, the sun is up.
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sunny and warm for monday and next week. in the extended forecast we have numbers in the 80s all the way through wednesday into we cool it down into the 70s inland. high and dry through next weekend and very pleasant weather ahead. and a lot happening in sports, that's why vern glenn is here. >> yes, saturday night live, pac-12 college football for you. bryce love of stanford, did east coast media stay up for what he did tonight? he's in a two-horse heisman race.
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correct.... ...stanford, in attack mode... college football up top, and it's going to be a late one
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with a pac-12 game tied. 2nd quarter, kelly crist, missed liassic, but not tonight -- last week, but not tonight. the cardinals led 10-7 at utah. love, there he is, he's gone. 68 yards, 20 carries, 152. he's over 1200 yards rushing this year. but it's not over. final minute, utah trying to come back. williams to carrington. the lead is cut to 23-20. now for the on side kick. fall on it! fall on it! and the white clad stanford fell on it and handed the utes their first loss of the season. 22-20 the final. meantime we have sixth
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ranked washington taking the field to host the cal bears. 2nd quarter jake browning on the loose. 21 yards, huskies led 17-0 and ran away with it. 4th quarter, miles gaskin. one of his two touchdowns. huskies blow out the bears 38- 7. cal, five total 1st downs. former cal head coach jeff tedford running the sidelines at fresno state against san jose state. rodney rivers, one of his two touchdowns in the game. bulldogs won it 27-10. the spartans drop their record to 1 and 6. and not two, not three, not four, five, six or even seven overtimes.
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the broncos won it 71-68. 139 combined points, the highest scoring game in fbs history. now hang on. i got another minute 45 of content left, and i'm coming back with an update on raiders quarterback derek carr. is he going to play the ravens tomorrow? t the colts.. ...raiders qb derek carr, woman: so, greg, it's a lot to take in. woman 2: and i know that's hard to hear, but the doctors caught it early.
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hi, blake! my dad has cancer. woman: and i know how hard that is to hear. but you're in the right place. man: and dr. pascal and her team, they know what to do. they know what to do. the doctors know what to do. so here's the plan. first off, we're going to give you all... (voice fading away)
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will test out his back, pre-game to see if he could go against the visiting b nfl, the 49ers a slight underdog at the colts. derek carr will reportedly test out his back pre-game to see if he can go against the visiting baltimore ravens. manual though is expected to start under center. tee time is 10:5 right here on kpix 5. baseball, make some noise! dodger blue, that's pitcher rich hill cheer leading. game two with arizona up 5-2 in the 5th, and austin barnes found real estate in left. it's 7-2, and here's a grounder, and marte right through his legs. another run scored. la won the game 8-5 and lead the series two games to none. those nationals fans worried. against the cub, 8th inning, one on for bryce harper who just hammered that one. that one no doubt about it tied
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the game, and harper is fired up. three batters later ryan zimmerman, just enough juice to get it over left field. the nationals scored and came back to win it 6-3, the series tied a game apiece. the sharks and rival lakings in san jose. final seconds of the 1st. copatar went wild, scoring the first of his two goals in the game. la won it 4-1. san jose start it is season off 0 and 2. and burgers and a hot dog bun here. it's the safeway open round three, tyler duncan, birdie effort and in. leads by a single shot going into sunday's final round. that's sports tonight. but we got more tomorrow! >> yes, we do. all right, we'll be right back.
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it happened near the coliseum station in oakland.. well tonight: the pitbull- remember the dog spotted running on the bart tracks last week near the coliseum station in oakland? well tonight the pit bullterrier named bart is up for adoption, so if you're interested in giving him a forever home contact oakland animal services. we'll see you tomorrow, have a great night. target. food has the power to transform lives. with the help of target, the san francisco marin food bank addresses hunger head-on in the community.
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